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Network & Security Assessments

Using a combination of automated tools and interviews with key stakeholders NETXNY can ascertain a number of data points about your network:

  • Discover what network devices are running on the network
  • Review the overall network design and architecture, and understand traffic flows
  • Assess network performance – identify bottlenecks and opportunities to optimize
  • Assess the security of network devices such as security compliant configurations, bugs, vulnerabilities and threats
  • Identify all wireless nets, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RFID and rogue devices are reviewed
  • Document findings and produce Vizio diagrams

Using this information we can provide recommendations to remediate weaknesses and optimize the current design and configurations.

Nework Asesment

Network Solution Design & Implementation

Enterprise Switching and Routing

  • Consult, design, configure, install and document Layer 2/3 switching and routing infrastructure from Core to Distribution to Access layers for a complete end-to-end LAN environment. 

  • Recommend high-availability approaches in the design based on best practices and budget constraints. 

  • Assist with vendor selection based on customer requirements. 

  • Experience working with multiple vendors including Cisco, Aruba, Juniper, Arista, Fortinet, Extreme, and others.

Enterprise Firewall and VPN

  • Consult, design, configure, install and document Firewall appliances, Remote Branch Office VPN tunnels, Remote Access VPNs over the Internet, network administration tools (Radius, Syslog, SNMP, etc.)

  • Layer 4 and 7 content-filtering, and authentication systems using Biometric
    and Multifactor schemes.

  • Experience working with multiple vendors including Cisco, Fortinet, Palo Alto,
    Juniper, and Checkpoint.

  • Assist with vendor selection based on customer requirements.

  • Identify opportunities to optimize and clean-up current policies.

  • Advise and consult on security policy compliance with industry standards and recommended configuration changes to fortify network security posture.

  • Recommend high-availability approaches in the design based on best practices and budget constraints.  

Application and Network Security Load Balancing

  • Consult, design, configure, and deploy server and network security load-balancing solutions in either SSL Offload or Pass Through scenarios.

  • Identify and document any limitations of the underlying application architecture to avoid unexpected performance issues.

  • Use application load-testing and benchmarking to simulate the performance of an application under a variety of user traffic conditions to optimize design.

  • Incorporate high availability into the design using redundant Load Balancers within the primary data center or globally between multiple data centers.

  • Implement application monitoring and real-time alerting functionality to detect discrepancies in overall system health.

  • Experience working with multiple vendors including F5 and Citrix Netscaler. 

Wireless LAN (WLAN)

  • Site Survey - This can be done physically onsite or virtually using a predictive survey tool, which captures such information as floor plans/area maps, construction materials, appliances and other sources of RF interference, total number of users, and desired coverage area.

  • This information will help to inform the planning and design of the wireless network and ensure that it provides the required wireless coverage, data rates, network capacity, security, roaming capability and Quality of Service (QoS).

  • NETXNY has experience with designing, configuring, and implementing Meraki wireless networks both on premise and in the cloud as a service.

Technical Support

  • For all services listed above NETXNY will provide Day 1 and Day 2 support as a component of all project implementations.  We will be front and center with all installs, migrations, upgrades, and cutovers working as an extension of your IT staff.

  • Quality assurance processes will be infused as part of the post-migration clean-up and assessment to make sure the target design and configuration is consistently achieved across all devices.

  • Vizio diagrams, technical details regarding all system configurations, operating procedures and troubleshooting guides will be documented and integrated into an Operations Runbook as part of Day 2 support.

  • At the conclusion of the project NETXNY will provide a training class to review the diagrams, configurations, and support documentation, and answer any questions as a final transition and hand-off.

Project Management

  • For all services listed above NETXNY will provide full Lifecycle Project Management services.  This means that we will own and manage the work and deliverables owned by both NETXNY and the customer from Start to Finish, ensuring accountability by all parties for a mutually successful and beneficial outcome.

  • Please see “Approach” for a description of NETXNY’s CADIS and PM Lifecycles, and how we manage technical work and projects.

Network solution design

Managed Services


  • Network Experts of New York (NETXNY) can assist customers with properly segmenting your network based on industry best practices, and our deep knowledge of networks and related security.

  • The goal of splitting your network into smaller, separate ones is to prevent cyber-attacks from spreading to every device; thus, enhancing the security posture and mitigating the impact of threats.

  • NETXNY will analyze the current environment and provide a plan for segmenting users, servers, and encryption appliance(s).

  • Our solution involves introducing a new firewall device and configuring a new secure network, which we can manage as a monthly Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS) offering.

  • The customer will purchase and own Next Generation Firewall(s) and NETXNY will implement and manage the new secure network for the customer.  The managed firewall(s) will provide IPS, Advanced Malware Protection, and Application Control security services.

  • NETXNY will configure, maintain and monitor the status, health, security and general utilization for the firewall(s), and provide monthly reporting.

We also provide technical support including troubleshooting, break/fix, and problem resolution for the components that we manage. 


Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

NETXNY will serve as a senior IT security consultant and augment your staff on an as-needed basis by providing advice, guidance, and direction for both Security and Compliance

NETXNY can advise and consult on such areas as:

  • Securing information assets

  • Preventing damage

  • Protecting information assets

  • Detecting theft

Types of services offered include:

  • Weekly review meetings with staff to plan and prioritize security projects and initiatives

  • Review and update customer security policies and procedures to support NYS standards and monitor physical, financial, legal, or other types of risk

  • Cyber security training for staff

  • Security Architecture Development for new applications or IT infrastructure

    Review and support Operational Security

  • Maintain and track critical issue Security Log for executive staff and review weekly

  • Serve as customer’s Security Officer for 3rd party audits, reviews, or questionnaires

  • Remediation of network and security issues identified in audits or assessments